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The Power of One

If I multiply 2 times 2 is it really, really 4 me
And if I add 5 to get 9 minus 8 that just leaves 
So many times I define my pride
Through somebody else’s eyes (La da da, la da)
Then I looked inside and found my own stride,
I found the lasting love for me
If I’m searching for my spirituality
Passionately I must begin with me

There’s just me…
One is the magic number 
Thank you, Jill Scott.  She says it much better than I can.  All roads to real success and happiness begin at the corner of “Who am I?” and “Yep, I can do this!”  God has made you uniquely capable to accomplish great things.  Stop looking to others to complete or define you.  To borrow from Sheryl Crow, “You gotta talk to the ONE who made you.  Talk to the ONE who understands.  Talk to the ONE who gave you all the light in your eyes.”  
Although Jill Scott’s “One is the Magic Number” was released in 2000, I didn’t discover it until 2007.  Better late than never.  I stumbled upon this song during my single season as I began to rediscover my worth in Christ.  

Taking advantage of the single season is very important.  It is a time of preparation.  I use the term single season loosely.  I don’t just mean the single that refers to not being in an intimate relationship, but single in regard to major life commitments and attachments.  God has purposed each of us for greatness.  Whether we reach that greatness is up to us.  Free will.  The single season is a time of preparation for your purpose.  This is a time to discover what God has called you to do.  What are your passions?  How can you do what you love to glorify God?  This is such a precious time of prayer and supplication.  It is a great time of freedom.  Many people don’t recognize the season for what it is.  This can lead to depression and a desire to rush to the next season.  A field that has not been properly tended will not reap a good harvest.  Don’t rush.  You won’t get these moments back.  While I love being a wife and mother, I think back fondly from time to time on my single season.  I was free to seek God unrestrained.  I had time and energy to spare.  I had time to fertilize the soil of my heart and mind.  Reading my word and learning in a wonderful Bible based church provided me good seed.  Remaining faithful to my study of God’s word, praying and seeking God’s will for my life were the tools I used to tend my field.  I am still reaping the abundant harvest from that time.  

As you move into the next season of your life you will be ready for the many responsibilities that come with greatness.  You never want to stop tending your field.  You may plant different seeds, but the soil will remain fertile.

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  1. Praise God for you and you willingness to be open Joce! This is a true reminder to look to God and not focus so much on what is next, but more on what God is doing now!!!

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