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How’s Your Grip? Pt. I

Feeling a little under the weather, yet delightfully inspired this morning, I went to my bible for a word from God.  In the 32nd chapter of Genesis, God reminded me of a faithful servant named Jacob; a man that wrestled with God.  I read the story a number of different times, thinking to myself, what does it mean to truly wrestle with God?  Well, in the story Jacob took hold of God and would not let go until God blessed him.  Even after a partially paralyzing tap to the hip, Jacob refused to let go of the strong hold he had on God.

Many of us are feeling partially paralyzed by life’s blows right now, and regardless of your ideology surrounding the issue of whether God brings us hardship or simply allows them in our lives, we can all agree that hardship and misfortune are unavoidable aspects of this life. But… My question today family is this… How’s your grip?
To live this life, we must stop focusing on the pain that we cannot control, and focusing much more on the grip that we can.  Any person that works out even semi-regularly will tell you that the mind fails long before the body.  We convince ourselves that it is ok to let go or that we simply can’t hold on long before that thought becomes reality.  The strongest people I have ever met are those that have learned to be mentally strong. They know that the difference between can and can’t is a decision… not an ability (take a second and let that sink in).  How many blessings have you talked yourself out of?  I’m embarrassed to count.
So family… Ask yourselves this morning…How’s my grip?

Peace and Love,


This has been Part I of a 2 Part series.
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