She’s Back!

Even if it’s only for one week,  I’m pumped that my younger sister is here. About 8 years separate Olivia and I in age, but over the last 5 years or so we’ve really become friends. She’s no longer the annoying little sister thst my mom forces me to shuttle around town.  She a grown woman with perspective.  She’s someone in whom I can confide. She’s some who’s opinion I value and respect.

Olivia lived with Jonathon and I for a year. It was a time of growth and learning for all of us. Mostly though, it was great. Selfishly I didn’t want her to move out. She came to live with us at the end of my pregnancy with Jace, during a time when I was missing my family like CRAZY CRAZY.  She was a great support. We talked and hung out as friends as well as sisters. She held my hand during the painful labor if my son. She ricked him to sleep more nights than I can remember, because frankly I was delirious. (Lol)

So this week, after my bought with dehydration,  after I cried like a baby on the phone with my mother because I felt like I was losing it – feeling like a subpar mother and wife, (THANK YOU MOMMY FOR LIFTING MY SPIRITS), Olivia came to the rescue. She has come to take care if me and Jace, take some stress of Jonathon, and clean the mountain of dishes in my sink.  I LOVE LOVE my baby sister. I know I am blessed beyond measure to have her here.

Always Striving,

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