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A Grand Occassion

Yesterday was grandparents day at my niece’s school.  My parents proudly went to the school and sat with Aajah as she ate her snack.  They all helped with craft time, laughing and glue sticking.  Now, I wasn’t there, but I just know that when she saw my parents come into her classroom, her little heart… Read More A Grand Occassion

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O, Joyce!

Just when you think you’re perfect,  you hear a Joyce Meyer message that gut punches you. Lol The other day Jonathon suggested I listen to the following podcast titled, “How to Walk in Peace Pt. 2”:–_Pt_2  Right away I’m hit with the one, two punch. “God is not going to hold you accountable for what… Read More O, Joyce!

Personally Striving


The Preamble: Just like many of you, I desire to be blessed.  So much so that God’s plan for my life has consumed my thoughts, and I look for the potential lesson or blessing in every circumstance or situation.  Through our conversations, I’ve convinced myself that struggle/misfortune is in many ways part of, or preface… Read More PUSH


Sweet surprises!

This Labor Day weekend was truly incredible!  I love, love, love when I have an even better time than I thought. 1. I had the pleasure of singing in my cousin’s wedding. I love singing, but I was a bit nervous. Looking at my husband as I sang “You & I” by Avant kept all… Read More Sweet surprises!