Sweet surprises!

This Labor Day weekend was truly incredible!  I love, love, love when I have an even better time than I thought.

1. I had the pleasure of singing in my cousin’s wedding. I love singing, but I was a bit nervous. Looking at my husband as I sang “You & I” by Avant kept all the butterflies in check!

2. I knew my cousin would look amazing, but when she stepped out for all to see… she was GORGEOUS!  It brought tears to my eyes.

3. The ceremony was so well done. My favorite parts were the assembling of the Unity Cross (very unique and meaningful), the pastor’s reminder to show affection to your spouse openly, and of course the “I do”.  I was honored to be a witness.

4. Special thanks to my friend having my back during The Battle of the Elevator!  Lol She knows who she is. 🙂

5. Finally, while in the Atlanta airport I ran into two friendly, familiar faces. Nothing like having someone shout your name across the airport!  🙂 This totally made my day. Still smiling.

Enjoy the sweet surprises in life. I hope your Labor Day rocked!

Always Striving,

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