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A Grand Occassion

Yesterday was grandparents day at my niece’s school.  My parents proudly went to the school and sat with Aajah as she ate her snack.  They all helped with craft time, laughing and glue sticking.  Now, I wasn’t there, but I just know that when she saw my parents come into her classroom, her little heart swelled up.  She was not only excited to see them in her space, but she was proud to show all the other kids how great her grandparents are.

As I watched my Dad getting ready to go up to her school earlier in the day, it got me to reminiscing about one of my absolute favorite grade school experiences.  I was in either 2nd or 3rd grade at Fyle Elementary school in Rochester, NY and it was “Bring a Friend to Lunch Day”.  Some kids brought cousins, big brothers or sisters, others brought friends from church.  Not me.  I brought my Uncle Paul!  (haha)  I remember being so excited for him to come to my school and meet all my friends.  I thought Uncle Paul was the coolest guy in the world.  (He still is :))  I wanted all my friends to see how handsome and cool my uncle was.  As my class walked to the cafeteria I looked around anxiously for my uncle, but I didn’t see him.  I’m sure I was slightly disappointed, but Uncle Paul had never let me down.  I knew he’d be there.  I sat at my classes assigned table next to some friends and got ready to eat the lunch my mother had packed.  Just then I heard his voice behind me.  “I know you’re not eating without me!”  Then laughter.  “Uncle Paul!”  I turned around to see him holding two personal pan pizzas from Pizza Hut.  Score!  Not only was my unlce here, but he had brought pizza!  Winning!  All my friends looked on longingly as they ate their bologna sandwiches or cafeteria grilled cheese.  I smiled happily from ear to ear.  Uncle Paul sat down and we enjoyed our lunch.  He talked and joked with my friends.  I was and STILL am so proud to have such an amazing uncle.  Love you, Uncle Paul!

Uncle Paul holding my son.  šŸ™‚Uncle Paul (in red) at Gram’s bday party.

Always Striving,


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