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O, Joyce!

Just when you think you’re perfect,  you hear a Joyce Meyer message that gut punches you. Lol The other day Jonathon suggested I listen to the following podcast titled, “How to Walk in Peace Pt. 2”:–_Pt_2  Right away I’m hit with the one, two punch.

“God is not going to hold you accountable for what others do, but He will hold you accountable for what you do.”  – Joyce Meyer

Thank you, Joyce!  Ha ha.  I dealt with a situation recently that has been circling my mind.  A person asked me a rude question.  I answered very bluntly.  A bystander looked at me and stated that I was being rude and unnecessarily cold.  I held my tongue.  Jesus knows I did. LOL  The old Jocelynn would have gone slam off and not cared, but thank God for Jesus.  So I said, “ok” and walked away.  I felt that I handled the situation relatively well considering… Considering what?  (Thank you, Joyce)  Considering nothing.  I know how I should treat people.  Regardless of how they act, I cannot act any kind of way.  I should have responded in love.  God’s light should be ever present in my walk, talk, and actions.  There are a hundred other ways I could have responded.  But the first thing I know I should have done was smile.  *sigh*  Thank you, Joyce.

This is what I love about listening to Joyce Meyer.  She doesn’t yell, scream, or holler.  She just talks to you.  She is honest and open, sharing her many life experiences.  I think that is what I like best about her messages; honesty.  She doesn’t try to pretend that she is now, or ever was perfect.  She fully admits to making mistakes to this day.  She’s real.  That being said, I have waited six years to be able to attend her “Love Life Women’s Conference”.  This year I will be in the BUILDING!  Super pumped.


There’s still time to register πŸ™‚

Always Striving,


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2 thoughts on “O, Joyce!

  1. Thanks for sharing! It is so hard to act in love. I had never really been into Joyce but I recently found a devotional of hers that I am really connecting with. This conference sounds really cool. I may need to add it to my must do list.

  2. Barbara it can be very difficult. Joyce talks about her love walk all the time. I've been really working on it. I know it is important as a part of my spiritual and personal growth. *sigh* Let's keep each other lifted. πŸ™‚

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