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This Morning I’m Roaring!

During my pregnancy with Jace, “Love on Top” by Beyonce was my anthem.  If you got into my car you heard “Love on Top” on repeat.  While I was in labor, I danced and breathed through contractions to “Love on Top.”  Yep, it was a “Love on Top” kind of pregnancy.  Jonathon and I were at a good place in our marriage.  Jace was truly conceived in love…and a little wine.  LOL  I will admit that I didn’t have the best hormonal attitude during that pregnancy, but Jonathon was still my rock.  He never left my side; never stopped being a loving and supportive husband.  He made my breakfast in the morning, packed my lunch and snacks for the day, and made sure dinner was ready when I got home from work and class at midnight.  He went to EVERY prenatal appointment.  He rushed to my job when I experienced preterm labor.  When I needed him everything stopped!  He was and is my rock.  God, I am a lucky, lucky girl.  Blessed with the most amazing husband.  

So, I’ve been wondering what my anthem would be for this pregnancy.  Yep yep, you heard me right.  I am currently expecting baby #2!  The prayers of the righteous availeth much.  But y’all this has been a much more challenging pregnancy than my first.  I was ill with Jace, but I’m down for the count most days with this one.  I started my first trimester going to the hospital to get fluids for dehydration.  I literally had to come stay with my parents because I don’t have the energy to take care of my Jace.  (I’m not complaining.  I’m thanking God for a supportive family.  No questions asked they have taken me back home to help me.  It was a tough decision for Jonathon and I to make, but sometimes you have to make tough decisions.) The absolute icing on the cake was the news we received after the initial prenatal blood panel.  Because I just recently stopped teaching they still wanted to test me for a few extra things.  One of those things is a virus called Cytomegalovirus (CMV).  It is actually a very common virus.  The average adult has probably had it and not known.  It has silent symptoms that your body works to defeat.  Contracting this virus only becomes a problem in pregnancy.  It is one of those viruses that can pass through the placenta and cause birth defects.  Upon hearing this news Jonathon and I were both confused and devastated.  We searched for information about the virus, talked to my brother in law (he’s in medical school), and finally saw a high risk doctor.  But you know what?  God is good.  After the initial shock, Jonathon and I have both been experiencing a crazy peace.  We’re just not worrying about something that God has in control.  Whatever the outcome, God has already given us the strength as a COUPLE and as a FAMILY to handle it.  And this morning we are ROARING!  This morning we are not going to let this get us down.  We are champions created in the image of God.  We put full faith in Him.  God’s ways are far above ours.  He has blessed us with one amazing son, and we are thankful that he has trusted us to parent another amazing child.  I’m ROARING this morning!  I won’t stop until the Devil knows that he can’t have a victory by causing me or my husband to fear.  We have faith!  So I believe my anthem for this pregnancy will be “Roar” by Katy Perry.  I’ve honestly never listened to much of her music, but when I heard this song on Good Morning America a couple weeks ago, I knew.

Roar with me!  Stand in agreement with us.  Let the Devil know that we are champions!  He will hear us ROAR!    

“Then one of the elders said to me, “Do not weep! See, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has triumphed. He is able to open the scroll and its seven seals.” (NLT)
Revelation 5:5

Always Striving,


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8 thoughts on “This Morning I’m Roaring!

  1. As I'm reading your blog, I can literally feel Gods presence. I stand in agreement with you both and roar! I pray right now that God gives you strength during your pregnancy. You and your husband are a great example of how marriage should be and because of you I choose to continue to fight in my marriage! God bless you!!!!!!! LaToya Thomas-Lindsay

  2. Jocelynn, you're truly an inspiration! You give me hope because me and my hubby bear are having problems conceiving our first child. I'm fighting a condition that I recently found out that I had since high school and didn't even know it till a few months ago I'm glad that God is giving you and Jonathan both the peace that passes beyond our understanding. I pray that you both will have a safe rest of your pregnancy and that God will remain to have the final say of your new bundle of joy~

  3. Thank you thank you for sharing. I really appreciate you sharing your struggle with me. I will continue to pray your strength in the Lord. As long as you two lean in on God and each other, I believe amazing things are in store. 🙂

  4. WOW!!!! Thank you for sharing your story. Just reading it let's me know that GOD is the waymaker of ALL things. I'm not having a baby but just to read the positive spirit that you and your husband have makes me know that I always have to give everything over to the LORD. My GOD bless you and your family with a beautiful healthy baby.

  5. I am so happy for you, Jonathan and Jace! What a blessing to your family. I admire your faith and strength so much. You don't often see many young women with your dedication and faith. I know that you and Jonathan will weather this "trial" together and come out on top. I so enjoy your blog.. Be blessed! Aunt Sheryl

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