First Things First

A very good friend gifted me with Joyce Meyer’s New Day, New Youdevotional about seven years ago.  I think she knew God was getting ready to do some major construction in my life. J  So, this was one of my first real introductions to Joyce Meyer, and my first real devotional.  That first year I… Read More First Things First



Great friendship is a flower that blooms in due season.   It is beautiful and fragrant.   It brightens your day each time you see it. Just like a flower, friendships are delicate and can wither.   There is a strong desire to preserve and protect the greatest friendships.   You may need to prune and… Read More Friendship

Inspiration Station, Personally Striving


There are some movies that get me crying every time I see them.  Forest Gump is one of those movies.  I’m sure it sounds cheesy, but I’m serious.  It just gets me.  And now that I’m married and have a child and one on the way, I find myself crying even more. 🙂 Silly.  I… Read More Simple