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There are some movies that get me crying every time I see them.  Forest Gump is one of those movies.  I’m sure it sounds cheesy, but I’m serious.  It just gets me.  And now that I’m married and have a child and one on the way, I find myself crying even more. 🙂 Silly.  I know.  I think I cry because it makes me think about the simple parts of life.  The important parts of life – love, family, true friendship, peace.  I mean, all I really want to do is love my God and my husband and raise our children together.  I’m so blessed to have a love that is pure.  After all the chaos and the storm, God brought me a man who would love me thru and thru.  He’s given me the sweetest baby.  And Jonathon is the best Daddy. 🙂

I don’t have the perfect life, but I have the perfect life for me.  It’s amazing how resting in God – trusting Him – can lead you to a life of happiness that you never imagined.  It’s the simple things that bring true happiness.

Thank you, Father for reminding me of this as I watched Forest Gump.

Always Striving,


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