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The Power of a Woman’s Words

So many days my tongue gets carried away.  Sometimes I don’t even realize it until my husband gives me one of those looks like, “Um, you need to be quiet.”  Other times he’ll tell me that I’ve said hurtful things either to him or to others.

So many days I want to pop on this blog and just rattle on about someone that I feel has done me wrong.  I don’t.  
What is wrong with me?  Why is it so difficult to control my tongue.  Why am I so tempted to spout off? *sigh*  I thank God I’m not as bad as I used to be, but I am definitely not where I need to be.  As a wife, mother, former teacher, woman of God – I am in a position to speak life.  Why do I choose, at times, to speak words that tear down instead?  Well, I choose not to let the enemy win this battle.  I want to speak light and life into my husband, my child, my family, my friends, and others whom I come in contact.  Our words are a gift.  Therefore, my friend and I have decided to read a book called, The Power of A Woman’s Words by Sharon Jaynes.  We are reading a chapter at a time and discussing them.  I invite you to read this book as well, and share your thoughts.  Maybe you and a few other women can read the book together, discuss and pray for each other.  I encourage you to encircle yourself with women who will hold you accountable, not judge; women who will pray for the success of your spiritual life.
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1 thought on “The Power of a Woman’s Words

  1. So funny – I was just about to shut the computer off for my Sabbatical and then I saw this blog and had to read it and comment! GIRL IF YOU ARE TALKING TO ME!!! I am definitely getting this book – gonna download it now. Thanks, mama!

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