The Best of Goodbye

People are so funny acting sometimes and life is so precious.  As I think about my resolutions for the new year, friendships come to mind. I have some really truly amazing friends.  Being honest with myself however, I also have people that are just hanging around, creating junk, judging, or just generally negative.  I’m typically the type of person who will fight for the relationship, but I can’t be the only one fighting. As my life becomes more filled with family (precious baby #2!!!) and friends who are spiritually pouring into my life and the life of my family, its time to cut some ties.

“Please, at any time, feel free to excuse yourself from my life. No hurt feels because in the end its for the best.”

Iron sharpens iron. If I’m not sharpening you and you’re not sharpening me, the reality is we are sulking each other. I don’t think either of us can afford that.  God has greatness planned.

Always striving,


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2 thoughts on “The Best of Goodbye

  1. Amen. Gotta focus on positivity for sure. Good for Joce – be protective of your peace and joy – ESP because you are a source of those things for your two little ones!

  2. Yes, you're right. My husband and my kids have to be my focus. Getting wrapped up in other people's silliness is emotionally draining. It's not fair for my family to have to deal with me in that place.

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