Emotional Roller Coaster

So, my last post was pretty emotionally charged.  What can I say? Im human. 🙂 There are actually many times that I write posts and do not publish them because they are more ranting than revelation.  But as I said, “Im human.” I believe sharing my emotional journey is just as important as sharing all the wonder relationship and parenting experiences, as well as the amazing revelation from my Christian walk.

That being said. I get hurt just like everyone else when people treat me in ways I do not believe I deserve. I get upset when people do not give me the benefit of the doubt or judge me harshly because I really try to give people the space to be who they are.

Right now Im pregnant and tired. I love my life. I would not trade my struggles for anyone else’s.  God is making me into ME. I truly cherish the relationships I’ve built, but inevitably some of those relationships will end. I have to be okay with that.  Focus on my priorities.

Thank you for hearing my heart.

Always Striving,

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