Hallelujah & Amen

All I can think this morning is, “Won’t He do it?! HALLELUJAH & AMEN!”

Seriously, the thing I love about God is His unwavering love and dedication to letting me know how much He loves me and truly wants the best for me.
When I am really seeking Him and ask Him to give me a word, He always does! If you’ve read my blog posts over the last couple of months, you know that my family has been experiencing some rocky road.  I believe that we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, however.  In this new year, in this space, in this season I have really decided to focus on speaking life and encouraging the positive. Obviously this will be easier said than done, but I feel it is incredibly important to make the effort.  I honestly go through cycles of success with this from year to year, but I think last year I experienced a little less positive thinking.  Your thoughts become your words and actions. Negative thoughts need to be captured and destroyed.  Your thoughts become your words and actions.  What you say to yourself about your situation and what you say to others about your situation really matters. I found myself giving voice to negativety and doubt.  I was throwing myself pity parties when I should have been hosting “praise Him even now” parties!  The great thing is that God loves me through my silliness and encourages right thinking and behavior in so many ways. For me it was through the words of some “not gonna quit on you” family and friends. It was the random FB message or mall encounter that continued to open my eyes.  It was the unwavering love of my husband, boundless joy of my son, and energetic movements of the baby in my womb that showed me the way. 🙂

I knew that in order to accomplish my goal I would need to get back into my Word, have a great devotional, pray regularly, and seek God with my whole heart!
Well, in true God fashion (lol) I am given an unexpected opportunity to download FREE BethMoore eBooks.  Ummmm what? Yes, free books. 🙂 I think I got 10 books.  One of the books I downloaded is Praying God’s Word Day by Day.   This devotional has been an amazing blessing.  Every day that I open my eBook the message is so on point. I find it almost overwhelming that God loves me enough to lead me to this devotional, to anoint this woman with such a gift that she would be able to impart God’s word to millions of people.  Thank you, Lord!

Unfortunately I waited too long to share this post and the eBooks are no longer free.  I did share the information on my Instagram – JHubbster and Twitter –  @JocelynnHubbard

Here is the website anyway: http://echristianresources.com/2013/12/16-free-ebooks-from-beth-moore/

You never know what you might find. 🙂  You all have a blessed Sunday.

Always Striving,


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