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Today I Cried.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written a substantial bog post.  So much has happened!  Life has gotten more exciting…but today I cried.  A couple weeks ago my beautiful, sweet daughter was born.  I will post a bit later about that amazing experience, but let me just say, “Yes.  We had a home birth!!!!  And, oh ya, my husband ended up delivering the baby!”  LOL  More to come.  Anyway, since that day life has been a whirlwind of family visits, friends and neighbors stopping by to congratulate us, doctor appointments, midwife visits, as well as the physical healing of my body.  Today the last of the family went home.  Closing the front door I was met with silence.  Now it is just the four of us.  Now we begin to build our family unit.  I became overwhelmed with emotion.  Call it crazy.  Call it the postpartum hormones.  I cried.  Life just got real. 🙂

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