Personally Striving

Lessons I’m learning

This journey as a mother of two children is wonderful and exhausting!  It’s only been three weeks, but I’ve learned a few things.  The first lesson that came to me this morning is to appreciate the morning.  There is this small window of time after I have finished nursing my daughter when everyone is still asleep.  This little sliver of time is mine all mine. 🙂  I’m learning to value it no matter how tired I am.  I keep asking God when do I get some “me” time?  I can’t go to the bathroom good without someone screaming for me.  lol  Well, I guess this is his answer.  Another lesson I’m learning is to really value each day.  My son turned two before I could blink good.  Some of his babyhood is blurry to me.  I was so busy working on my masters degree and tending to this and that, I missed some precious moments.  I refuse to do that with my daughter.  I have refused to do that with my son since I became a stay at home mom.  Don’t get me wrong, I still want alone time, the kids still drive me to cry some days, but these days are so fleeting.  Even the crazy is worth savoring because this type of crazy won’t last long.  I’ll be looking back smiling about this brand of crazy one day, missing it even.  One final lesson I’m learning is that some people will just have to be mad at me.  I can’t be everything… no I can’t be anything to most people, most days.  I love my friends, I love my extended family, but I have so much to focus on keeping this household together.  If you really love me you’ll extend grace. 🙂

Just a few morning thoughts.

Always Striving,


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