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Crock pot Success!

Well, here it is! I know my plate looks kinda skimpy, (lol) I just wanted to give you all a sample.  I added some wonderful Glory greens and Uncle Ben’s rice!  It was mmmn mmmn yummy!  When my husband walked in the door he smiled and said, “Wow Babe! It smells great in here!”  Can’t lie, it felt good to see him smile.  We sat down to a family meal and everything! Jace, of course, looked at his plate and said, “Yuck! Cereal, please.”  Hahaga! I didn’t take offense though.  He’s 2 years old and a pretty finicky eater.  So, he got cereal and we smashed on the bbq wings. Score! 🙂

Always Striving,


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