Ok, I’ll Call You Back

The reality is… I rarely answer my phone these days (texting is easier) and I very rarely call people back.  In between the time that I either miss their call, or hang up from the brief conversation, its whirlwind time.  Case in point: I’m calming Kobi, working on getting her to sleep.  She finally falls asleep, I lay her down and five minutes later (before I can pick up the phone to call someone) she is fussing…again.  *sigh*  Reset.  Ok.

 Now she is asleep for real.  Thank you, God!  🙂  I walk into the play room to check on Jace.  My nose is immediately bombarded by funk.
“Jace, did you poop?”
 “I poop, Mommy.”
 “Why didn’t you tell Mommy so you could use the potty?”
“I poop, Mommy.”
Clearly this conversation is going no where.  “Let’s go to the bathroom, Jace.”
“Noooooooo! No potty, Mommy!”
“Jace, you smell bad.  We need to go to the bathroom so Mommy can clean you up.”
*sigh*  I proceed to pick him up kicking and screaming.  ( Six weeks of postpartum rest?  Ya right!  Not with a toddler)

Yep. Yep.  That’s a wrap.  LOL  I love my kids, but they afford me very little time to have a social life.  Grace and mercy.  When I do finally get a minute of “peace and quiet” I LIKE to breathe, shower, write a blog post.  What I often HAVE to do is homework, work work, clean the house, wash clothes, schedule appointments.

In the time it took me to write this post Jace did this.  LOL  I was literally about to hit publish when I hear a loud crinkling noise.  I decide to go check on him and this is what I see.  My shoulders fall.  *sigh, sigh, sigh*  I JUST cleaned this play room.  (Turn around and walk away after taking picture)  Every sacrifice is worth it.  Grace and mercy.

Always Striving,


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