Toddler Talkings

Conversations with my two year old are usually quite hilarious!  Jace is a funny kid.  This morning we had an interesting conversation and I thought to myself, “I better write this down”.  He is getting so big, so fast.  I want to be able to come back to this conversation one day and laugh when I might really feel like crying. 🙂

So two quick stories:

1) Last night my husband, mother-in-law, the kids, and I went out to eat.  After dinner we walked around an out door mall type plaza.  The weather was perfect.  My son was skipping and jumping, running and laughing.  Being 2 and loving every moment of it.  All of a sudden Jace stops in front of a store called Omega Sports and says that he wants to go in.  Jon and I look at each other and shrug our shoulders.  Why not?  We are not in a rush to get any where in particular.  Besides, this place doesn’t sell anything Jace could convince us to buy.

So, we all walk into the store.  Jace walks straight over to a table with sneakers, picks up a pair and says, “I need shoes, Mommy Daddy.”  Jon and I look at each other and smile.

I’m like, “Jace, you don’t need any shoes.  Jonathon, he doesn’t need shoes.  He has shoes.”

Again, Jace says, “I need shoes, Mommy Daddy.”  

“Alright, why don’t we just get his feet measured so he can feel like he did something.”

The sales lady sits down with Jace, takes off his shoes and measures his feet.  “Yep, he’s measuring right at a 9.5.  You should probably go with a 10.

“What?!”  I say.  “I feel horrible.  Once again my child’s feet have grown and I didn’t realize it.  He has been wearing a size 8 shoe.”

In my defense, he has not been complaining that his feet hurt or anything. LOL  So, because this sports store sells products for older children and adults, they only had one pair of sneakers in his size.  He tried them on, ran around the store a little bit, and wore them out the store shouting, “Yippie!  Hurray!”  Oh, Jace.  Sometimes they know what they need better than we.

2) This morning Jace wakes me up with the fresh scent of poopy diaper.

“Ugh!  Jace go get a diaper.”  I set Kobi down and proceed to change Jace’s diaper.
“Jace, you really need to put this butt on a toilet.”
“Yes, use the potty.  Mommy is tired of changing your stinky, poopy diapers.”
I chuckle.  “Yes, Jace.  Mommy loves you, but I really don’t love changing your diapers.  You’re a big boy.”
“Ok Mommy.  I sorry, Mommy.  I sorry you have to change diaper.”

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