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Riveting Recommendations

I love to read.  I especially love to read books that call you to reach into the deepest parts of your soul.  I love authors whose words evoke every sense, every emotion.  Khaled Hosseini is such a writer.  He is an Afghan American writer whose novels are set in the Middle East.  The events of each story peel back like layers of an onion.  You peel and peel, separating out the real from the perceived, finally reaching the core.  Hard and fast.

I love Hosseini’s work because each novel helps me understand life a little more.  Each novel causes me to pause for reflection.  Why?  What would I do?  Why?  
If you have not read The Kite Runner, A Thousand Splendid Suns, or And The Mountains Echoed I highly recommend that you do.  All three are emotionally gripping, beautifully tragic stories about the deepest parts of our being as humans.  Hosseini’s characters beg you to understand with more than your race, gender, age or culture, but with your soul.
Always Striving,
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