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Proverbs 3 – Wisdom and Common Sense

As I read the chapter for today and considered what I would write about it, I heard my husband listening to an Oprah Winfrey interview with Kevin Hart.  In the interview Kevin Hart talks about the wisdom imparted to him by his mother.  She specifically told him to read his Bible because he would need to stay faithful along his journey.  It’s interesting how God works.  đŸ™‚  I am seriously always amazed.  I had not necessarily been praying, but I guess I sort of was praying.  Anyway, I was deeply moved by what I read today and I always want my words to reflect Christ.  I know that I am a vessel.  So, I sort of knew what I was feeling about the text.  I sort of knew what I wanted to focus on, but hearing the interview crystallized it for me.  Thank you, Lord!

In Proverbs 2:4-6 King Solomon says, “If you want favor with both God and man, and a reputation for good judgement and common sense, then trust the Lord completely; don’t ever trust yourself.  In everything you do, put God first, and he will direct you and crown your efforts with success.”

This is what Kevin Hart’s mother knew.  This wisdom she passed onto her son.  It is so tempting to trust in ourselves or man.  God doesn’t seem to answer you right away, or in the way you think is best and you try it your way.  Ok, maybe I’m just talking about myself.  LOL  I know I have gone in circles because I would not listen to the wise counsel of Christ or other’s He had chosen to speak into my life.  Even now I have to constantly redirect.  I have to fight my flesh, my natural desire to do it my way.  This seems silly because I’ve literally seen the difference between trusting God’s wisdom and trusting my own….  Right!

 Dating my way yielded a broken heart and a broken me.
 Dating God’s way got me the best man I never knew I need.  A man who pours into me, prays with and for me.  A man who loves Christ more than himself and certainly more than me.  A man who seeks to fix the brokenness…crowned with success
 Marriage my way yields needless arguments, bitterness, missed opportunities to display God’s love to others, and just straight up silliness.
Marriage God’s way is filled with laughter and challenge.  It is working together to make this life amazing!  It is showing others the glory of God in an earthly example of the Holy trinity.  It is purposefully crowned with success.
 Parenting my way yields yelling and crying, breakdowns, angry discipline, wishing time would hurry up.
 Parenting God’s way is praying, praying, praying for the wisdom to raise your children in a way that honors God, a way that they see Christ’s love reflected in your eyes.  It is purposeful discipline.  It is crying and praying. It is cherishing every moment because there is truly something to cherish in every moment – good, bad, difficult, and crowned with success.
 Building friendships my way yields tracking tit for tat –  I did this for her, but what has she done for me.  
 Building friendships God’s way lends itself to rich blessings.  It provides opportunities to pour into someone’s life with out seeking anything in return.  It is laughter and tears.  It is support and valued advice.  Prayer and accountability.  It is beautifully crowned with success.

Lord, I thank you for your wisdom.  I thank you for a desire to seek after your ways.  Looking at the chart that I just typed I’m thinking, “Yep.  Gotta stay prayed up.  Gotta keep seeking His face.  Gotta continue to die to my flesh every single day.  Ok Jesus, let’s go!”  Ha Ha!  Because I am back an forth between these columns more regularly than I’d like to admit.

This challenge, even three days in, has been a huge blessing!

Always Striving,


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