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Thank You for Challenging Me!

When I was in high school my track coach used to constantly push me to do better, be better, get stronger, be more focused.

I asked him one day, “Why are you always so hard on me?  I’m trying.  You don’t bother other members of the track team all the time.”

He said, “Jocelynn, you have so much potential.  You can go far.  You may not be a track star, but you can apply these principles in other areas of your life.  When I stop pressing you, I have stopped caring.”

Wow!  Even at 15, that hit home.  My coach cared about my future.  He cared about helping to build a strength and determination in me that would make me “dig in” by default.  (Thank you, Thad)

I liken this to the coaching that Christ does.  I know he has not stopped loving me because He is always pushing me.  He has put people into my life to speak truth, to challenge my perspective, to make me question my habits.  Some days I say, “God, why are you so hard on me?  I don’t see you challenging other people like this.”

He says, “Jocelynn, you have so much potential, but you can only go so far in your own strength.  I need you to choose me every time.  I need you to “dig in” and lean on me when things get the hardest.  Jocelynn, I have great plans for your life.  I want you to live a life free from bondage, free from debt, free from the shackles that are the desires of this world.  There are so many lives I want to touch through you.  I will never stop pressing you because I will never stop caring.”

Today my heart is sad (sorry, gotta be honest) because God is pressing me.  He has asked me to choose Him instead of me.  I know this is the time for faith despite my flesh.

Always Striving,


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