Mommy Moments

Oh, How I love my two sweet children!  🙂  Here are two great moments that I just have to share.


A couple months back Jace comes running into the kitchen saying, “Mommy, I poop!  I poop, Mom!”
“Alright, Jace.  Give me a minute.  I need to finish dinner and then I will change your diaper.”
“Mom, I poop!”
“Jace, I realize this.  I can smell you stinking.”
“Yes, this is why you need to poop in the potty.”
“Okay, Mom.  Poop in the potty.”  He starts humming a random tune.  “Mom, I poop!  You change diaper?”
“Yes, ok.”  We walk upstairs to get a new diaper and such.  “Hold still Jace.  I can’t change your diaper with you jumping up and down.”
“Ok, Mom.  Mom, I see?  I see poopy?”
“Really?  It’s poop, Jace.  Nothing special.”
“Mom, I see?”  He says again.  So, I show him the poop.  “Ooooh!  Cocoa beans?  Cocoa beans, Mom?”
“Ummmm!  No, I don’t think those would be considered cocoa beans.”  I am dying laughing.
“Ha! Ha!  Mom, it’s cocoa beans!”


Displaying 20141023_093119.jpgI just got back from a business trip last night, so this morning I am responding to some emails.  Jace is sitting in his seat eating pancakes and Kobi is playing on the carpet.  I can see them over the top of the computer, but I sort of got in a zone.  Anyway, when I look up, Jace is out of his seat strumming Jonathon’s guitar and Kobi is munching on Jace’s pancakes that have been placed on the floor.

Hmmmmmnnn…  LOLOLOLOL  All I could do was laugh.  My six month old is eating pancakes.  I said, “Jace, Kobi can’t eat pancakes.”  He looks up from what he is doing and replies, “Ok, Mom.  Don’t worry.”

Thank you, Jace.

Always Striving,


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