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Farewell For Now

It’s hitting me.  Really hitting me.  Right now.  As I sit in my daughter’s empty room, tears begin to stream down my face.  I don’t know why I try not to cry.  I am happy and sad and thrilled and pained all at once.  I am awed and aching.

We are moving.

As I trolled Instagram one day I saw this quote by Heather Lindsey:

Jonathon and I have been praying about a number of things from financial peace to growth in our marriage, strength and patience as parents.  Most importantly we pray for God’s will to be done in our lives.  We pray that our passions will be in line with HIS word and HIS will.  We pray that He will bless us so that we can be a blessing.  We pray that He will trust us to do His work.

Well, as I said, “We are moving.”  LOL  I am over the moon about the opportunities before us.  What does God have on the agenda.  How is He going to strengthen us, sow into us, and where will He send us?

I am saddened however, because wowza wowza wowza has God blessed us in this place.  I came out here kicking and screaming.  Cried most of the first month we were here.  Now I’m so sad to leave.  God blessed our marriage.  With no family or friends we had to lean on each other.  We had to grow or let go.  God has blessed us relationally.  We have the BEST friends, who I now consider family.  Seriously.  THE BEST!  God has blessed us financially.  We were led to Financial Peace University.  We have learned to communicate about money.  We are on a budget.  We’re not rich…YET.  Ha Ha!  I’m claiming it!  Why?  Not only do I want to be a blessing with my time and energy, I want to be a blessing financially.  If I’m worried about paying the light bill, it’s hard to focus on blessing someone with God’s money.

So, when I read this quote by Christine Caine today:

It was the soft prodding I needed to focus on the future.  God moves us through many seasons.  My time here is done.  God planted some seeds while we have been here.  The seeds took root and have the crops are ready to be harvested.  It’s time for a new season.  New seeds.

I know that true friendships will last a lifetime.  True lessons will continue to be cultivated.  And my one true heavenly Father will always remain… faithfully committed to seeking me as I seek Him, preparing me for my purpose, and inspiring me to love as He loves, give as He gives.

I do not know all facets of my purpose, but I do know that I am called to share.  I am called to pray.

I will go as far as God leads me.  I must.  We must.

Always Striving,


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4 thoughts on “Farewell For Now

  1. God will continue to bless you during the places he moves you. Looking forward to seeing where He takes your family next! Love the quotes as well! Very timely for me.

  2. THANK YOU, Cigi! So far the move has been an incredible learning experience. I'm always amazed at the direction in which God is leading. 🙂 Sometimes I get get disappointed, but HE certainly knows best.

  3. Star, it is amazing! We are so limited in our scope. Although I know His ways are greater, I'm still me and I fight. I ask questions. I pout. LOL Thank God for His grace and mercy. I am enjoying watching the path unfold.

    These quotes knocked me on my behind when I first read them. I figured the best way to capture them was by blogging! 🙂

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