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Negative Numbers Make Me Nervous (Budgeting)

Negative numbers don’t excite me either.  I get a little bit of anxiety every time we sit down to do the budget.  But….Here’s my question to you: Which makes the most sense?

Scenario A)  The household sits down and creates a budget.  After all expenses, including bills, food, fun, etc. are included, the household realizes there will be lack at the end of the month.  You decide to adjust some figures based on your priorities.  For example, The household has been invited to three birthday dinners.  Together, it is decide that it is more important to participate in two friend’s birthday dinners than to eat out for lunch every day.  The household will pack lunch this month allowing a $50 spending limit INCLUDING tips for each dinner.  At the end of the month the main household account is in the green with money in savings.
Scenario B)  The household does not create a budget.  The household has a general idea of how much money is earned this month and about how much is going out.  Three friends have invited the household to birthday dinners.  The household does not know if there is enough money to pay for the dinners or how much is appropriate to spend at each dinner.  At the end of the month the household receives three overdraft notices.  Each time the account overdrafts, a $35.00 fee is assessed.  The account is now overdrawn by at least $105.00.  Was it worth it?

Which scenario makes the most sense?  Believe me, I’ve been in both places.  Although I hate telling people no, hate seeing that I can’t do or have everything I think I want, I feel much better when I don’t get an overdraft charge from the bank.


WAIT WAIT WAIT!  Someone in the back just said, “I’d just use my credit card.  Duh?!”

Well, yes.  That would be a solution if you are trying to keep yourself in debt.  See me, I’m not trying to owe anyone anything.  I love my friends, but I do NOT like the death grip of debt.  If I can’t pay for the dinner celebration now and be done with it, then I can’t afford to go.  I am not related to Daddy Warbucks and I will not pretend to be.  I do not have enough money to be everywhere all the time.  I do not have enough money to be everything to everyone.  Check your priorities and check your finances.

Hear my heart.  More importantly, hear God’s heart.  What are His desires for you?  He very clearly states in Proverbs 22:7 –

“The rich rule over the poor, 
Trapped by debt.

and the borrower is slave to the lender.”

Freedom.  God wants you to be free to live.  He has made you to fulfill a purpose.  How much more stressful is it to focus on your purpose when bill collectors are calling you?  How much more difficult is it for you to focus on your purpose when you don’t have money to invest in yourself, your dreams?  
How many of you are working jobs you don’t really enjoy because it pays well?  Every month you bring in 2, 3, $4,000 or more.  Maybe $400 is left for you to eat, get gas, buy clothes, and generally enjoy life.  Why?

Think about your dreams.  Your passions.  How can you serve God and His people more fully, more freely if you were not in debt?

Always Striving,


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