Mommy Moments: It’s A Bug!

As I sit at the table, participating in a Webinar for work, I hear a sudden screech.  I look up to find Jace and Kobi crouched down on the kitchen floor.  They are very attentively watching something.

Jace: “Mommy, it’s a bug in here!”

Me: “Ok, Jace.  Give me a second.”  I walk over to the kitchen where Jace is pointing to some teeny tiny bug.

Jace: “Look, Kobi.  It’s an ANT!”  Kobi watches as her brother talks to her about this bug.  Squealing with delight.

Me: “Ok, you two.  First, it’s not an ant.  Not sure what it is.”

Jace: “Oh, ok.  Kobi it’s not the ant!”  I chuckle and go over to grab a paper towel. “KOBI!!  No, it’s not eating time!”  I look over to see Kobi trying to grasp this little bug in her pincers.  “No, Kobi! No.”  Jace knows from experience that anything Kobi picks up is headed to her mouth.

I am about to pass out laughing as I swoop in to grab the bug with a paper towel.  Kobi sits up looking confused.  Then smiles.  No harm, no foul.  LOL

Always Amused,


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