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Girl Crush

Lately, everything I see, hear, read, and experience has made it glaringly obvious that I have a…girl crush?
Well, maybe I wouldn’t refer to myself as having a girl crush, but when I heard the song Girl Crush by Little Big Town, I had a major wow moment.  If you’re not a country music fan, humor me for 3 minutes, 27 secs and watch this video.  ๐Ÿ™‚

To be honest, this blog post has been sitting as a draft for a few weeks.  The ah ha moment came when I heard the song, but in true God fashion, He had a few more things to show me before releasing me to write.  LOL  I actually really love the process.  The process.

So, after listening to the chorus it is easy to determine that the song is not describing an actual girl crush.  Instead, it is about coveting someone else’s characteristics, desiring their partner, and discontentment wrapped up in a lusty alto country chorus.  I enjoy the song, but it made me think. “Oh geez, Jocelynn!  What am I coveting?  What am I discontent with now?”


Well, here it is.  I am covetous of appearances.  The couple that looks so lovey.  They hold hands and pass adoring looks.  They always say things are great, and by George they look fabulous!  My little feelings get to rising up and I think, “Jonathon and I must be the only couple that struggles with X.”  Absolutely silly, I know.  Silly and dangerous.  You honestly never know what is going on in another relationship.  You don’t know the struggles and sacrifices that led to the celebrations, or perceived celebrations.  Great marriages don’t just happen.  I have to check myself.  Refocus my gaze.  Coveting what other couples appear to have will never get me a closer relationship with Christ or my husband.

I also covet time.  I think Priscilla Shirer says it best in The Resolution for Women:

     As a teenager, I’d impatiently rushed toward young adulthood full throttle.  As a single university student I couldn’t wait to be in a committed relationship and out of college so that life could “really begin.”  Then with a loving mate promised for life, I enjoyed our first yeas of marriage, but during some of them secretly harbored discontentment with our childlessness.  And when the kids started coming, the nights were long and the days even longer, and I prayed through each of them that bedtime would come more quickly today than I’d remember it coming the day before. (Shirer 14)

How many days did I think about how great life would be once I got out of my parents house?  Zoooom.  How many days did I pray for my husband?  Zoooom.  How many days did I cry for children?  Zooooom.  How many days do I complain because the kids are wearing my out?  Zoooom.  How many days do I whine about wanting to start working full time already?  Zoooom.

Why am I in such a rush to get to the next thing?  Good gracious.  I will only be 31 years old once.  I will only have these moments with my sweet babies once.  I will only get to be married to Jonathon in this moment once.  Once.
Lately, I have had the opportunity to talk to other people who are hitting the zoom button in the vehicle of life.  I encourage them, as I encourage myself to slow down.  You will never get these moments back.  Refocus your gaze.  What is this moment about?  How does God want to use you right now to bless His people?
Stop. Thinking. About. You.
I have decided to reread The Resolution for Women by Priscilla Shirer because I know that every day I need to resolve to work on becoming the best women God has called me to be.  I will post some thoughts as I traverse the pages.
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Always Striving,


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