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Point of Prayer

As I said in my post on Saturday, I found out about some things, really over the last two months, that have made me say wow!  Happy wows, sad wows, disappointed wows, overjoyed wows.

About a month or so ago, I was sharing this with a good friend. Her response was so on point that I asked her if I could share it with you all.  🙂  She said, “Jocelynn, God has given you ears to hear and a heart that sees His people.  Now find the point of prayer.”

“What do you mean, point of prayer?” I asked.

“It is the place in the happy and the sad where they need God.  People can gab on and on and on, but you have to listen for what it is their heart desperately needs.  That is the point of prayer. God brings certain people into your life so you can intercede for them.  Maybe you have had a similar experience, maybe not.  Either way God knows the temperature of your heart and the pulse of your prayer life. He knows you will allow the Holy Spirit to give you the right words.”

“Sometimes I know I’m supposed to pray for a person, but I can’t quite focus in on the point of prayer.”

“Get rid of your distractions. Without the distractions of your own “stuff” clouding your thoughts, you’ll be able to hear God speak more clearly.”

My friend actually keeps a point of prayer list.  I thought this was a wonderful idea.  As I go through my day, I try to focus less on myself, and more on the joy and sadness of those around me.  I try to see them with God’s eyes.  I pray for them.

God has given all of us opportunities to find the point of prayer.  Are we missing these opportunities because we are so distracted by our own “stuff”?

I challenge you to listen through the happiness, sadness, and straight up madness for the point of prayer.

Pray for the continued strength and joy in a couples’ marriage.  Pray peace that passes understanding for a couple that has lost a child.  Pray for reconciliation in a family broken by infidelity, strife, and unforgiveness.  Happiness, sadness, madness.

Always Striving,


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2 thoughts on “Point of Prayer

  1. Love it! Reminds me of a word I wrote today in my journal: "there is a gap between the natural and the manifestation of the eternal. That is where intercessors stand" SHALOM!!

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