But, Why?

Over the past couple of months I have been in some very interesting situations.  I found myself asking God why.  Why do I have to face this challenge, endure that suffering, be rejected by those people? Yesterday as I lay in my bed, exhausted from days of travel and Mommy duty I was drawn to my answer.

The answer came back to my point of prayer list.  No, God was not having me experience all of the situations of the people on my list, but He was providing insight. Because the Holy Spirit abides within me, I know that I am qualified to pray in a unique way.  So, why the need for perspective?  Well, God does not force His hand or His will,  he has given us the freedom to choose. A little perspective often takes our eyes off of our lives, needs, wants, etc. and places them on others.

As I lay in bed yesterday I was overwhelmed by a desire to pray for a particular woman who has been battling cancer.  In my exhaustion I was reminded about how much greater her exhaustion must be, yet she focuses on Christ.  I prayed for her husband and children.  As a wife and mother I know the love, the bond, the dreams, hopes, and desires you wish to see fulfilled.  I can imagine the heartbreak as her family watches her struggle for physical strength day after day. The stress, the strain, the uncertainty, yet UNWAVERING faith in God. I am humbled by their story.  Celebrating Christ in every moment possible.

I was literally brought to tears praying for this family.  I do not know them, but I thank God for perspective to pray for them.  I thank God for every situation that leads me to pray for another.

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