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What Do You Do with Your Kids?

Many of you know that I have been a full time working mom (FTWM), a stay at home mom (SAHM), and a part time working mom (PTWM) of two adorably and exhaustively energetic children.  Having been in a variety of mothering roles I can attest that each is both rewarding and challenging.  Each requires different sacrifices.  It really perturbs me when someone tries to hold one above the other, but that is not the purpose of today’s post. 🙂  
As a SAHM and a part time stay at home mom, many people have asked me for advice about what to do with their children all day.  As a SAHM or PTWM you are essentially solely responsible for your child’s learning.  It’s a lot of pressure.  Both challenging and rewarding.  So, here are some things I’ve enjoy doing with my children over the years.  Just as a frame of reference, my children are 4 and 2 with one in the womb!
When I first became a SAHM the first thing I did was look on the public library’s website to find out when story hour took place.  The library is a LIFE SAVER and it is free!  ðŸ™‚  Typically after story hour there is a related craft.  Some libraries have instruments, dancing, bubbles, coloring sheets.  I searched the libraries in my area for the best story hour.  This is something the kids like to do 2 – 3x per week.

A good friend just reminded me about Pottery Barn‘s storytime and Whole Foods – Whole Kids club where there are typically food inspired crafts.  Both great outings!

The second thing I did was find something for both me and my son to enjoy.  I like working out so I signed up for Baby Boot Camp.  3x a week a group of moms get together to work out with their child(ren).  The group I joined when I lived in St. Louis, MO met in a great park, worked out through the zoo sometimes, or the mall if it was cold or rainy.  These moms became wonderful friends and a

huge support.  It was also nice for Jace to see the same kids on a regular basis.  We would often get together for play dates.  If there is no Baby Boot Camp in your area there may be Stroller Strides – Fitness 4 Moms, See Mommy Run, Moms in Motion, or Active Moms Club.  
**Each group has it’s own philosophy about the amount of interaction between mother and child during workout time.
If you’re not a work out mom, there are a ton of other groups.  Googling Moms Meetups is a great way to find some local groups.  A few well known groups are MOMs Club and Mocha Moms.  
Another great resource that I used to find other activities for me and the kids to do is the website Macaroni Kid.  It is a national website in which you can input your zip code and find a calendar full of activities for all age groups.  Some of the activities are free.  Some are paid.  I highly recommend signing up for Macaroni Kid.  If you happen to live in the St. Louis area, there is also another great website called St. Louis Sprout and About.  Both of these sites are a game changer for SAHMs.
One final resource that I absolutely love is Mother’s Day Out.  This is a program typically held at a local church.  Mothers can drop their child off once or twice a week for 3-4 hours.  This was very, very helpful for me and the kids loved it.  I was able to get some things done without hauling two children in and out of the car with each stop.  Some days I just sat and read a book.  
So, what does a typical day actually look like?  Well…let’s save that for the next post.  I’d love to hear about your go to resources for enriching the lives of your children!
Love to all parents!  Love to all Moms!
Always striving,
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