Happy New Year

As we count down the final hours until the new year, it seems appropriate to reflect. As I sit here reflecting on all the pieces of me, I am thankful that I have seen God working in every single piece. Now, let’s be real, God has not been able to get at some of the pieces the way He wants to because of my stubbornness and fear. 🙂 

So, I’m not sure about a formal list of resolutions for the year, but I’ll take a crack at it. I do believe it is important to set realistic goals and devise a plan to achieve those goals. Here goes:

1. I resolve to continue letting God work on the pieces of me.
2. I resolve to continue working to understand loving my self, my spouse, and my children as these are gifts from God.
3. I resolve to write my priorities down and put them in multiple places so I can see them every day.
4. I resolve to not just say I’m maleable, but be maleable.
5. I resolve to remain accountable to those God has placed in my life for that purpose.
6. I resolve to share stories along the journey as God leads. 

Thank you, Lord for all that 2017 was and all that it was not. Thank you for the joy and the sorrow. Thank you for the love and the strife. Thank you for You.


Always Striving, 


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