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Day 1 – 40 Day Sugar Fast

Jesus keep me near the cross. LOL  And He really does.

Day 1! Time to get my sugar fast on! Woot Woot! – This is how I started my day. Pumped and ready.

End of the day was more like, “Wooo…” 🙂 ( I wish I could add the laughing emoji or a sound bite here.)

Seriously though, I’m excited to see what day 2 holds because I really did learn a lot today.  Before we get to that, I’d like to hash out a few things. I had a few people ask me what this fast was supposed to look like.

Well, I think it looks like God trying to move in your life and your specific situations. By that I mean, pray and ask God what you need to give up during this time so that you can clear out a space for His still, small voice. I decided that eliminating refined sugars is my path. That means I am choosing not to eat any foods that have sugar added. I CAN eat fruits and foods with naturally occuring sugar. There are some really great websites that have free meal plans HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Even with meal plans and a bucket full of healthy, sugar free treats, I hit a wall three or four times today. I think the toughest moment came as I was cooking dinner. The kids asked for chili, a meal I love but can not eat right now, and my husband was not home yet. All three kids were running laps through the house screaming about who knows what. This is a time when I normally grab a spoon full of chocolate cake. –Insert brain throb– I said Lord, I need something sweet. I need an escape. –insert revelation about self.– I heard in response, “You’re marching, Jocelynn. Keep marching. There is a blessing on the other side of this wall of dependence on sugar. Hold on. Hol out. It’s not time to shout yet.” This reflection on my focus scripture and my reasons for doing this fast kept my hands out of the cookie jar.

So, how was day one for you? Where did you struggle? Where to you have victory? What did you hear God say?

I am so excited about everyone who has joined in this journey with me. If you want to sign up there is still time. Head over to Wendy Speake’s website. She provides some great FREE resources, admission into a Facebook group for support and accountability.

Also, pop over to my subscription page to grab your Reflective Journal pages! 🙂 If you already subscribed and did not receive the resource I apologize. There was a chink in my link. It is now fixed. YAY!

Remember that you are loved, my friends.

Always Striving,


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