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A Week of Wows

Good morning, Friends! This week I have found out a number of things, good and challenging, that have made me say, “Wow!”  I’m not quite ready to share, but you all know me.  I will share soon.  Lol  Since I’m not sharing, you might be wondering why I’m writing at all.  Well, I just wanted… Read More A Week of Wows

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My sister, an amazing mother, has two wonderful children.  One day, before I had kids of my own, she pulled me aside and said, “Jocelynn, you are favoring one of my children over the other.  I won’t allow it.  They are equal.  You can love them equally, yet differently.  Either you will do this, or… Read More More

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Hey, Lady Wisdom! – Checking Back In

I received an email response to my post “Let’s Chat About Checking Out“, asking how I came back from checking out of the finances.I thought, “Wow!  What a great question.  I totally forgot to address that.”  🙂  Thank you, friend, for always reading and asking questions.  Thank you, for keeping me accountable.Well, the simple answer is… Read More Hey, Lady Wisdom! – Checking Back In

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Negative Numbers Make Me Nervous (Budgeting)

Negative numbers don’t excite me either.  I get a little bit of anxiety every time we sit down to do the budget.  But….Here’s my question to you: Which makes the most sense? Scenario A)  The household sits down and creates a budget.  After all expenses, including bills, food, fun, etc. are included, the household realizes… Read More Negative Numbers Make Me Nervous (Budgeting)