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“Our marriage has been so successful because the wedding day went off without a hitch!”  said NO ONE EVER! I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately.  Over the five years that Jonathon and I have been married, we have watched many other couples get married.  Many of these couples have asked for advice about… Read More Renewal

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Proverbs 3 – Wisdom and Common Sense

As I read the chapter for today and considered what I would write about it, I heard my husband listening to an Oprah Winfrey interview with Kevin Hart.  In the interview Kevin Hart talks about the wisdom imparted to him by his mother.  She specifically told him to read his Bible because he would need… Read More Proverbs 3 – Wisdom and Common Sense

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Pregnant Yet?

As I read a fellow bloggers post (, it got me thinking.  In her post titled, “Get Pregnant Again, Please”, +Barbara Dixon discusses the constant prodding by well-meaning family and friends into her family expansion plans.  I chuckled as she notes how everyone is very concerned about her current child’s development if he lacks a sibling, but… Read More Pregnant Yet?

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A Beautiful Illusion

The last few posts I’ve written have dealt with some of the challenges many couples face in marriage.  It struck me however, as I perused one of my sorority sister’s blogs ( that many people get into trouble in marriage because their dating experience is not properly grounded.  In fact, this is the reason that… Read More A Beautiful Illusion

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Love Me

by Jonathon Hubbard My Family, My Family,      I come to you today humbled by God’s love and Jesus’ blood… tremendously thankful for the Lord’s undeniable favor in my life.  In the past we’ve talked a lot about having a true relationship with God.  However, I don’t want to be remiss in continuing that… Read More Love Me